ship repair

Yard records show that during the period 1958-65 approximately 125 individual ships were pulled up onto the slipways, many on an annual basis. This figure does not include the ships that were built during the period, which were also pulled up onto the slipways for final painting and finishing. It was a requirement that all vessels were inspected annually as they required a certificate from the Board of Trade. A number of ships visited the yard for repair during the same period and did not require to be slipped. Work is continuing to identify these ships and they will be added to the list.

Ships Repaired

Ship Profile


Ship: De Wadden
Class: Sailing
Date Built: 1917

Further Information

The De Wadden was slipped at the yard on 10 February 1960 for what was possibly the one and only time. I remember speaking to members of the crew in the galley and being told that they did not have a cook and each member of the crew took a turn at cooking. I remember the cook for the day chopping meat with an axe that had been used a moment before to break the coal for the range.

The De Wadden was the last sailing ship to trade in the port of Liverpool and can be found today at the Merseyside Maritime Museum in Liverpool.