about the project

Scott and Sons Bowling Ltd was an important Yard in terms of its contribution to the industrial and social history of the Clyde and beyond. It is evident from the research that Scott's had a reputation for the quality and reliability of its workmanship. A common theme that comes across from speaking to former apprentices is the view that having served your time in Scott's, you could work anywhere. When you consider what has been written about the history of shipbuilding on the Clyde there is little mention of Scott & Sons Bowling Ltd.

The main purpose in creating the record is to address this issue and to make available to those who are interested, both now and in the future, a comprehensive record of the ships built and repaired at the Yard and most importantly, the testimony of the men who worked there.

The focus for the project in what is considered to be phase one, is the period between 1958 and 1965. This was a significant period for the Yard as it began in 1958 with the setting up of a Registered Limited Company (Scott and Sons Bowling Ltd) and ended with the Yard being taken over by Scott's of Greenock in 1965. Phase two will cover the period 1966 to 1979, when the Yard closed.