Scott & Sons (Bowling)


Shipbuilders and Ship and Engine  Repairers 1851-1979

Welcome to the Scott's of Bowling Website.  The main purpose of this Website is to establish a comprehensive record of Scott and Sons Bowling Ltd for the years 1958 to 1979.  This time period covers the years that saw the yard become a Registered Limited Company in 1958, through the takeover by Scott's of Greenock in 1965, and on to its eventual closure in 1979.     

The aim is to keep alive the history of the yard and of the men and women who worked there.

The Website acts as a contact point for former yard workers and their families and holds the stories, photographs and other information that will eventually form the record.

I am looking to hear from former workers, their families and anyone who has an interest in the yard.  I hope you will take the opportunity to make contact and if you have any stories or photographs I would be delighted to include them on the Website.

                                                                                   Alistair Baird (Former Yard Engineer) 

Contact Alistair Baird:  

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The above model of the Carola is being built by Barry McKay, who is a retired marine engineer.   This excellent model is based on the original design from 1898.  Barry is looking for a final piece of information that will complete the model.  Does anyone know if the Scott family or the Company (Scott and Sons Bowling) had a 'House Flag'?  The flag in the picture is the Scott's of Greenock House Flag. 

Hawarden Bridge and Saint William at the Yard in 1967, copyright Bobby Sinclair.

Shipwrights 1931 photograph provided by John Murdoch.  Dean Morrison has been in touch to say that his Grandfather Thomas Morrison is the lad in the front left of the picture, sitting behind the crossed tools.  Thomas was 16 years old when this picture was taken.

Carl Scott on his way to the launch of the Fire Fighting Tug ZERANG in 1959 (Image Crown Copyright National Records of Scotland Ref. GD322/13/16/1-88)  In the background Dan McDonald (Storeman) is seen standing at the door of the store.  I was the store boy at the time and later that year Dan took ill and died.  He was my first workmate and his was my first funeral.  Both left a big impression on a fifteen year old boy (Alistair).   

A view of the new yard site as seen from the Crane Jetty, 18 February 2014.  The story of the "New Yard" is almost complete and will be published on the Website shortly.

Hawarden Bridge, Yard No355, built at Bowling in 1940.  This image which shows her at the Yard in the early 60's was taken by Bobby Sinclair.                                         

Hawarden Bridge pictured at Bridgetown Barbados close to the end of her working life (image submitted by John Gallagher on behalf of Ken Davies).  There is a report that she was found adrift in the Bermuda Triangle with her crew of 5 missing.  I think there may be a link between that story and the fact that she was seized by a US Navy Patrol Boat on 7 February 1978 after the discovery of marijuana residue.  No owner could be traced and she was later sunk to form part of an artificial reef off Miami - Alistair.

This picture was taken on the Sir Walter Scott at Loch Katrine in the 1950's and was provided by Allan Sharp.  Fourth from the left is Bob Sharp and the lady is thought to be his daughter Sheena.  The man on the right is Tony Woods.  Can you name any of the others?

Scott's Platers Football Team circa 1975.  This picture has been provided by Campbell Fleming, who is pictured second from the left on the front row.  Campbell has provided the following names of the team members.   

Back row L to R - Hugh Connolly, Danny Thomson, Jock McNab, Albert McGinlay, Mervyn Johns and Bobby Appleby.

Front row L to R - Billy Mathews, Campbell Fleming, Peter Thomson, Tam Sutherland and Alex Henderson.