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 Welcome to the Scott & Sons (Bowling) Website 


The aim of the Website is to keep alive the history of the yard and of the men and women who worked there.

The Website provides information about the yard, acts as a contact point for people who have an interest in the yard and seeks to establish a comprehensive record of the yard from the time it was first established in 1851 to its eventual closure in 1979.      

I am looking to hear from former workers, their families and anyone who has an interest in the yard.  I hope you will take the opportunity to make contact and if you have any stories or photographs I would be delighted to include them on the Website.

                                                                                   Alistair Baird (Former Engineer) 

Contact Alistair Baird:  

Tel:- 01224 734614



John Brown (Chargehand Engineer) in his trademark brown boiler suit and black beret, circa 1959.   John was an expert on steam engines and was a really nice man to work for and with.  Alistair 


Scott & Sons 1919


This is the only picture I can find that contains an image of the Paint Shop. In the distance through the gap between the Welding Bay and the Smiddy is a partial view of the Paint Shop.


Early 60's photograph of the Clyde Navigation Trust WATCH HOUSE. 

The Greatham Cross Bell (Ship renamed Carrickfergus).

Pier at Bowling 2013

Out the Yard gate, over the bridge and there it is - The Railway Inn (sadly closed when this picture was taken 2013).

Former Scott family Yaucht Carola (Yard No.128, built 1898)